Subspace Client Project - Discretion

Discretion is an open-source SubSpace client made by BaK. It's modular and easily extendable. It is licensed under the GPL, so it (hopefully) won't die out like all the other client projects of the past. It's written in C++ and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can download a binary of the Discretion Client from the sourcefore page, or obtain the latest version with source through our subversion server: There is also a modified ASSS server to which Discretion clients can connect, which you can download here. If subversion scares you, check out the Discretion Subversion Video Tutorial.

The ASSS wiki has a great page about Discretion. We are looking for people to help us develop this project, either in code or graphics. If you want to help out with programming but aren't sure how to get started, check out the Discretion Module Tutorial
Please post your comments on our forum. This is also the easiest way to get up-to-date news or get in contact with BaK. Alternately, you can send a ?message through Continuum to the user "BaK-".

[Mis]quotes (about open source subspace clients, not always Discretion)
"There won't be any new clients in the near future that will connect to SSC zones, that is for sure."
~ Mine GO BOOM

"If you GPL the game, it will get hacked/cheated to bits."
~ Mr Ekted

"This project will fail because you will stop working on it."
~ The Apache

"I am laughing because there is no way this will work."

"The problem is the design of subspace's client-server security is flawed. How many servers will let Discretion connect?"
~ doc flabby

"No new clients will work with any of the major servers. Go away."
~ Mr Ekted

"The client will succeed out of irony and spite."
~ Yoink

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